Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Yanni's, the elegant taste of Greece
... By Stephanie Mazziotta, Polaris staff writer
... The elegant taste of Greece is what Yanni's Greek Restaurant is know for throughout the city. Greece may be one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the entire world. Its landscapes and brilliant scenery never cease to amaze. Its food can be just as wonderful. Yanni's Greek Restaurant, located on 74th & Greenwood, grants Seattle access to the elegant delights of dining in Greece.
... Each individual plate is presented in unique decoration, and with over 25 entrée dinners to choose from, it is a pleasant sight to see. Not to mention the decadent tastes!
Yanni’s isn't cheap, but they're well-priced for the food they offer - expect individual dinners between $11 and $30.
... You go not only for the cuisine but the experience of the country’s culture. The owners obviously take pride in retaining the culture. Visit their website at to get a sense of what they mean to the Greek community in Seattle.
[Picture: A remarkable scale model of the Athenian Acropolis and Parthenon on permanent
display at Yanni's Greek Restaurant.]
If you're up for the delicious delights offered here, you should make Yanni’s Chicken Gyro your first trial. With pita-wrapped, roasted chicken mixed with tomato and onions, drenched in tzatziki sauce, it is guaranteed to satisfy your taste, and your appetite.
... Yanni's Greek Restaurant ( 7419 Greenwood Ave N, Tele 206-783-6945) is highly recommended for good reason.

Cozy Panera Bread serves up a warm and tasty place to visit
By Tom Smeeth
... See Comment for full review of Panera Bread, by Tom Smeeth.

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  1. Food served in the North cafeteria has improved, the addition of the coffee shop and sandwich counter are welcome, students may desire a convenient alternative that fits their budget to fuel, study, or get going. For lunch soup-&-sandwich, dinner with soup, or even a breakfast snack with drink, check out Panera Bread, located in the NW of Northgate mall.
    Panera Bread is a warm, cozy slice of getaway for on-the-run, or to hunker down for uninterrupted study time.
    Introduced through a case study in Nancy Adelson’s Business class, their specialty is soups, bread and great service! It'll get you through another winter quarter - or help you provide a dinner course for a coordinated studies class. HINT: Their “Soup for a Group,” largest portion soup, fills the bill! Three visits ensured we could vouch for quality and selection. (Someone has to do it!)They open at 6 AM. Seattle Times food critic Nancy Leson also referred to Panera as one of the Seattle’s best French Onion Soup in a February article. Now in winter, their soup seems essential. Hearty, nutritious tasting, they offer five a day, with standards and daily selections. There’s a Low Fat Vegetarian Garden option each day, and occasional seasonal varieties. Soups come in three sizes and include a bread of your choice – or exotic chips, if preferred. Another option is a cup in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowl!
    * Sandwiches range from 5 Café Sandwiches (standard fare), to 6 'signature choices,' to a hot Panini selection of five. Kids options of mac & cheese, PB-&-J, grilled cheese and a Kid’s Deli look dee-lish.
    Similarly salads offer basic Café selections – Greek, Caesar, and Classic – as well as 5 Signature Salads. While there are no student or senior discounts, Panera’s “You Pick Two” program allows a choice of any two from among soup, half-salad, and half-sandwich for $6.99. Selecting a Signature item, including their new macaroni-&-cheese, adds extra cost to your tab.
    Panera Bread provides full nutrition information on all items for those who count. Drinks include espresso, iced drinks, smoothies and a self-serve fountain. If you’re running into a group study or staff meeting, their bagel and bakery selections along with a variety of spreads can be quite impressive.
    Panera offers a unique breakfast selection at reasonable prices. Hot breakfast sandwiches are tasty, distinctive. Their granola parfait offering is top drawer. With fresh baked pastries and bagels to go along with good coffee that’s above the standard fare. Baked Egg Souffés in four flavorful varieties – spinach and artichoke, YOWZA! – are worth going out of your way.
    Cost? Mac-&-cheese, preceded by a bowl of French Onion soup, came to less than $10.The macaroni was tasty butt swam in the cheese as a soup – a premeasured package meant no portion leeway. As you might expect, the bread was uniformly tasty-good.
    Service makes the Panera experience stand out. Every encounter with their personnel has been cordial and helpful. The clean, warm and cozy environment tops the treat. Tables and chairs in front array around an artificial but warm fireplace, have a different feel to them than the tables and booths along the back wall - the get-away space.
    Internet access is a bit slow, however; there always is a handful of customers plugged in via WiFi to work on study projects.
    ->> Overall, whether in a ‘take out’ mode, or wanting a secluded place to dine and study, or visit a friend, Panera Bread across the I-5 freeway is a welcome neighbor to the North community.
    Panera Bread, 401 NE Northgate Way, Suite 1101
    Tele: 206-362-3188, FAX: 206-362-3218