Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Crazy Heart & Leap Year bracket new offerings
by Tom Smeeth ... Jeff Bridges strums up awards circuit; Amy Adams romps control freak in new Rom-Com. Two distinctly different 'road' films - one heralds the heart of old-style country western inner journey with easy mastery of Bridges at his career best with Maggie Gyllenhaal sparking an at-odds November-June romance, the other features breezy Adams 'working it' as a take-charge modern woman on an oddball roadtrip across Ireland to propose to her equally stiff shirted boyfriend with laconic Matthew Goode the reluctant local boy as road companion.
... In Leap you get attractive Celtic scenery in formulaic effort with spots of humor and romance. With Crazy you get heart - an intimate cinematic investigation of the human landscape with backing heavies like T Bone Burnett, Stephen Bruton, among many others (EG, strong supporting roles Robert Duvall, and subdued Colin Farrell) - the film quietly hits all notes that haunt you. Adams, Goode & Co strike some laughs and surprises but it's candy that won't last.
... That's the outline of several new flicks to hit local screens - trying to wrest attention from Avatar, who have already made their money back (more than $350 M USA, $1.2 B global). Click Crazy Heart, or Leap Year - for link film sites & previews.

Monday, January 4, 2010

- N O T E - Turn your clocks!! Last Sunday 2 AM

Welcome Fall Back!
... Fall is here now, REALLY HERE.
It's next to Winter Quarter - So,
,,, ,,,, how do you plan to Thanks Give?