Friday, December 25, 2009

- C A M P O ' S L I F E -

Unwrapping Christmas release, Its Complicated
By Tom Smeeth... Get the DVD.
Deliciously decadent. Sleekly seductive: Streep is stupendous, Baldwin ballsy.
... There you have it – suitable for printing. However, be forewarned: All superlatives are apt descriptions for the new Streep-Meyers vehicle, an entertainment experience that will have you laughing in the new Christmas Day film, It’s Complicated. You may struggle with some ethical choices the characters make – but they provide for the ride. It’s a fun romp to enjoy vicariously! See it in a full theater audience roller coaster ride.
... By final credits, everyone gets taken through the ringer. Meryl Streep lets loose, lets it fly, and watch out! Alec Baldwin holds his own throughout the movie, which is pretty darn good. Martin and Kraskinski score big, too. ... While in the end, it’s not really all that complex, Complicated is definitely fun. ... For full review, see comment....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

- A C A D E M I C S - G R A D E S

... Grades are in... ... not all students are happy with what Santa brought. This reporter experienced it first hand in my Acting 121 class with Dawson Nichols. After attempting to clear the matter with Dawson I find myself in the awkward position of having to petition the Dean to review my grade. In an email I received from Dawson today, he threatens that I should not attempt to revisit my grade or he may lower the grade further. Here is his text from the email. . .
"If you’d like to talk about your grade next quarter I’d be happy to do so. I would caution you against it, however. I feel that I have been lenient with you and extremely generous with this grade. If you would like me to revisit it I reserve the right to adjust it down as well."
... I find the implied threat offensive and unprofessional. I will be meeting with the department head on Monday and will let everyone know what happens. . .
... ... - Matt Harrison, Editorial board

Friday, December 18, 2009

- N E W S - SAC Leader Steps Down

Received by THE POLARIS, addressed to North Students -

For personal reasons, I have decided to resign from my position as director of the student administrative council. My time here has been a great learning experience which I value very much. I am proud of my team here and have complete confidence that they will continue their great work after I leave. We are currently making plans to fill the position and will have a new Director in place at the beginning of winter quarter. Please know that I appreciate all of your support that you have given myself and SAC and I hope you all have a happy holiday!

Sincerely, Alexis Baranov

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

- N E W S - C R I M E

Richard Blake was the NSCC gunman who fired off AK-47 rounds on August 28th 2009, prompting a three hour closure of I-5 from 130th ave to Lake City Way. Here is a video with some of his My Space photos on it. - Matt Harrison, Polaris staff

On December 2nd, 2009, The Seattle Times reported that Blake entered a guilty plea in U.S. District Court.

Monday, December 14, 2009

- F E A T U R E S -

Fire Rips Taproot, Land at Stage One through end of year
By Tom Smeeth
... Nothing parallels the story of the classic American move, It’s A Wonderful Life, quite like the nightmare lived by those who steer the local Taproot Theatre Company who faced devastation in a fire that swept their premises October 23 last year.
... How fitting that the resilient company of thespians were able to take over Stage 1 to mount this classic tale of human triumph over trial and tribulation. It's as special a story s to how Taproot was taken in by North’s own Stage One Theatre. It is after all a story of spiritual renewal through family, community and the values that withstand the test of time – and of inexplicable tragedy that might otherwise bring any of us to the brink. For the full overview, see Comments.
Visit Taproot's website.

- N E W S -

Student center funding denied
By Michele Thompson & Brendan Baker, staff writers
... Do students want the proposed Student Center? The vote is in, and it's a resounding "NO"! Out of approximately 8,000 students on North's campus, 1,619 submitted their vote electronically. You might be thinking that's only 20 percent, but it should be noted the Student Administrative Council is pleased by this number, which quadruples the average voter turnout of five. By November 20, a whopping 1,231 votes, or 76 percent, turned down the facility.
The leading reasons? The cost is too high and the timing is wrong for such a project.
-> For Full Story click Comment 1.

Fix It! Fixed!
By Tom Smeeth
... Two issues in previous issue were addressed by appropriate NSCC departments:
... - Tipped & damaged art structures were taken down, pending re-design.
... - Handicapped stall in Wellness Center men’s locker is now operational.
In further developments, this column will be given over to North sophomore Christopher Murdock, a business major working toward transfer. Murdock fields all inquiries to Without a school ombudsperson, questions regarding school & community resources, it is hoped this column, in whatever form it continues, will be of service to address needs & queries.
... So, Dear Chris ...

- S P O R T S -

Titans take down Storm, 74-60
by Tom Smeeth
Saturday Dec 12th was a double-check game for the Storm men, who have begun to show demonstrable, and encouraging, improvement building on last year.
The good news on this night was that Seattle hung in against a very strong Tacoma team, check; the bad ... See Comment 1 (below) for full story and game details.
The Storm website.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Make the most of your kit: Food Fair & Composting January 20th
By Christian Rusby, Special to the Polaris
... The Sustainability Club and the Classified Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) are partnering on a mini food awareness event called the Sustainable Food Fair on January 20th, 2010. It will be held in the cafeteria from 11 am to 1 pm and include information tables and short presentations on environmental conscience growing and preparation of food and disposal of food waste. Local experts including Seattle Tilth, Chaco Canyon restaurant and Cedar Grove Composting among several others are expected to attend.
... The Sustainable Food Fair aims to provide information related to campus initiatives including sourcing local food and increasing composting of food waste. Sourcing local food reduces the amount of pollution and energy required to transport food long distances in addition to supporting local farmers. On the other end of the spectrum, when food waste is disposed of, composting it into useful fertilizer is a process that will keep this valuable resource out of the landfill. A recent waste audit of the cafeteria showed that 77% of material thrown in the garbage could have been composted. The Sustainable Food Fair will have composting available to cafeteria users for the first time to help increase the amount of food waste that is composted on campus.
... Along with the new composting program will be new signage and educational materials to help cafeteria customers know what items can go in the compost as well as the recycling and garbage. The Sustainable Food Fair and the introduction of compost in the cafeteria and is part of a larger program of education to reduce our environmental footprint at North. Keep an eye out for more information on the Sustainable Food Fair and composting in the beginning of Winter quarter.
... What other ways can you think of to reduce waste on campus? For more information contact Christian Rusby, North’s Sustainability Coordinator at

- F O O D -

Yanni's, the elegant taste of Greece
... By Stephanie Mazziotta, Polaris staff writer
... The elegant taste of Greece is what Yanni's Greek Restaurant is know for throughout the city. Greece may be one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the entire world. Its landscapes and brilliant scenery never cease to amaze. Its food can be just as wonderful. Yanni's Greek Restaurant, located on 74th & Greenwood, grants Seattle access to the elegant delights of dining in Greece.
... Each individual plate is presented in unique decoration, and with over 25 entrée dinners to choose from, it is a pleasant sight to see. Not to mention the decadent tastes!
Yanni’s isn't cheap, but they're well-priced for the food they offer - expect individual dinners between $11 and $30.
... You go not only for the cuisine but the experience of the country’s culture. The owners obviously take pride in retaining the culture. Visit their website at to get a sense of what they mean to the Greek community in Seattle.
[Picture: A remarkable scale model of the Athenian Acropolis and Parthenon on permanent
display at Yanni's Greek Restaurant.]
If you're up for the delicious delights offered here, you should make Yanni’s Chicken Gyro your first trial. With pita-wrapped, roasted chicken mixed with tomato and onions, drenched in tzatziki sauce, it is guaranteed to satisfy your taste, and your appetite.
... Yanni's Greek Restaurant ( 7419 Greenwood Ave N, Tele 206-783-6945) is highly recommended for good reason.

Cozy Panera Bread serves up a warm and tasty place to visit
By Tom Smeeth
... See Comment for full review of Panera Bread, by Tom Smeeth.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

- C A M P U S L I F E -

Salome Thomas-El speaks to students at NSCC
... In October, 2009, Salome Thomas-El came to North Seattle Community College to speak about mentoring, the community and his new book "The Immortality Of Influence".
...A doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University, Salome Thomas-EL is the author of the bestsellers, I Choose to Stay and The Immortality of Influence. Inspiring and warmly human, Salome Thomas-EL is a true hero. His lecture, “I Choose to Stay: A Teacher’s Fight for America’s Inner City Schools” was moving and full of hope, and proves beyond a doubt that a commitment to teaching in the public schools can result in excellence and success for children most of society has abandoned.You can appreciate why a Hollywood movie is in the making - we look forward to it, and to his return to our campus.
... Read more in first comment, or click Salome Thomas-EL to explore. You can see his personal message to our students here on video.