Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Gary Oldman is the perfect one for this. And it's a faithfully rendered Le Carre' ...
If you're up for that: you'll enjoy.
It's a bit dense but would you have it any other way?
It's its own period piece. It's of a certain genre. And still, it's good that it was made - now.

My Week with Marilyn

More than Marilyn - and the outstanding performance of Michele Williams, believe it or not.
Do not miss this film. It's one of the best of the year. Surefire statue nods all around - a truly good cast. Kenneth Brannagh almost pulls off Sir Laurence, not an easy task for him. Julie Ormond as Vivien Leigh is spot on, a delight. And some discoveries to be made.
Good writing! What do you expect. The protagonist became a good writer but this is from his nascent days in the film industry ( perhaps a good complement to The Artist in a way).
No two ways about it: this is good film-making for film-goers.
It's got what you go to the movies for: See it.

Sherlock Holmes: Shadows afoot

Sherlock is upgrading. On TV too! So Robert Downey Jr. - always fun to watch with his uniquely creative approach to almost every role that rolls his way - and Jude Law continue the chemistry, and the martial arts routines, and the explosives, and yes - the intrigue! Some old farts who prefer it the old fashioned way may complain: but I'm impressed I actually like a Guy Ritchie film. He uses his trademark fashion to good effect and what the heck! It's a fun ride.


The title says it more than the topic, which may be offputting, baseball. It's more a story of the man whose approach to managing the finances and personnel of a team makes him a loner in more ways than one. He's known by baseball fans, if not sports fans. And, for Brad Pitt and the ensemble, it's a fun go. Women will like it for more than the obvious reason. Men, sure. It's a study on how to compete for space in a world where that is becoming more and more less and less. Moneyball. It's a sure thing!

The Descendants

Ample room to give the popular George Clooney his due. It's good but not that good!