Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pina 3D !

Not your mothers dance movie! This rendition is vibrant, true to its subject and its source - the troupe who encouraged director Wim Wenders to follow through even after the death of their spiritual and artistic leader, Pina. Excellent movie for the newly renovated Seattle Cinerama who have graduated from the rehash of old cinerama movies - which actually were quite a treat!
[FYI, Pina 3D can now be viewed at SIFF theaters at Uptown at the base of Queen Anne hill. Speaking of worthwhile renovated theater spaces!! Good to patronize such projects who bring life back into city cinema, I should think.]

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red Tails

Heck of a ride! Wonderful aerial battle scenes highlight the adventures and personal drama of the highly touted (today, not so much back in their day) Tuskegee Airmen. With the solid acting of Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. supported with the younger cast, and serviceable writing and direction, My two hours (yikes, it feels a tad long) were well spent. And, it sent me home wanting to know more. Any film that sends its young audience home to ask questions, to the local library to do research, ... it's a good thing, yes?!
Worth going to? Definitely.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Gary Oldman is the perfect one for this. And it's a faithfully rendered Le Carre' ...
If you're up for that: you'll enjoy.
It's a bit dense but would you have it any other way?
It's its own period piece. It's of a certain genre. And still, it's good that it was made - now.

My Week with Marilyn

More than Marilyn - and the outstanding performance of Michele Williams, believe it or not.
Do not miss this film. It's one of the best of the year. Surefire statue nods all around - a truly good cast. Kenneth Brannagh almost pulls off Sir Laurence, not an easy task for him. Julie Ormond as Vivien Leigh is spot on, a delight. And some discoveries to be made.
Good writing! What do you expect. The protagonist became a good writer but this is from his nascent days in the film industry ( perhaps a good complement to The Artist in a way).
No two ways about it: this is good film-making for film-goers.
It's got what you go to the movies for: See it.

Sherlock Holmes: Shadows afoot

Sherlock is upgrading. On TV too! So Robert Downey Jr. - always fun to watch with his uniquely creative approach to almost every role that rolls his way - and Jude Law continue the chemistry, and the martial arts routines, and the explosives, and yes - the intrigue! Some old farts who prefer it the old fashioned way may complain: but I'm impressed I actually like a Guy Ritchie film. He uses his trademark fashion to good effect and what the heck! It's a fun ride.


The title says it more than the topic, which may be offputting, baseball. It's more a story of the man whose approach to managing the finances and personnel of a team makes him a loner in more ways than one. He's known by baseball fans, if not sports fans. And, for Brad Pitt and the ensemble, it's a fun go. Women will like it for more than the obvious reason. Men, sure. It's a study on how to compete for space in a world where that is becoming more and more less and less. Moneyball. It's a sure thing!

The Descendants

Ample room to give the popular George Clooney his due. It's good but not that good!