Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Help

So many great performances, a good script, restrained but firm directing.
And a great story! yes, the modern perspective is there but so is the truth, the humanity and a wonderful film.
Perhaps the best of the year. Emma Stone surprises by her maturity, strength and access to the real central character: played with aplomb, range and confidence, Viola Davis' character is the heart and soul at center. For her award recognition should be certain. For Octavio Spencer, who has risen to another level, and whose character adorns this film. For Howard's daughter, a solid performance.
Will the sparkling role of Chastain be overlooked? It screams authenticity every bit as electric as her all but over the top performance! (In a year where she distinguishes in two other entirely different films with entirely unique performances, nonetheless. She is announced.)
Strong film.
Highly recommended.

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