Monday, January 4, 2010

- N O T E - Turn your clocks!! Last Sunday 2 AM

Welcome Fall Back!
... Fall is here now, REALLY HERE.
It's next to Winter Quarter - So,
,,, ,,,, how do you plan to Thanks Give?

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  1. I enjoyed staying home all break and I'm glad to be back this quarter, but I'm frustrated that I'm still taking prerequisites. I can't wait until I get into UW next fall and can start my core classes.
    However, I'm glad to be at North, having been out of school a while, because I'm getting back into the swing of school and learning how things have changed in the past couple years regarding the internet and technology.
    And of course, I'm learning new life lessons the second time around. I think that's what great about school: it's easy to get more than just books smarts out of an education when you can determine how involving the experience is.
    I can't imagine North being a stagnate learning environment with all of the opportunities it offers and I'm loving it here.
    Most of all, I'm grateful to my husband, Craig, for making it possible for me to return to school instead of being stuck in a dead end job. I hope to make him proud with my success.